GK Luxury Consulting  is proud to present his new AMBASSADOR, the model Heather Ramos.

heather ramos

Heather Ramos has been a signed professional model for the past  8 years.

Her ethnic background is Puerto Rican and Italian. She has been in various fashion editorials such as Essence Magazine, Cosmopolitan years ago, Lions Magazine and has been the showroom model for Balmain for the past 3 years in Paris. 



Berr & Partners SA is a private company, founded in 1986 in Geneva by Elke and Thomas Berr, which specializes in gemstones.


As gemmologists with a passion for precious stones, Elke and Thomas Berr decided to go directly to the original sources to acquire their treasures; and so, they set off around the world in search of gemstones to then offer exclusive, rare and high quality gemstones to their clients. The company is a member of various trade associations, such as the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) and the Association Suisse des Négociants en Pierres Précieuses (ASNP).


Today, Berr & Partners SA is an address widely known and recognized for the exceptional quality of its gems, its high standards and for the quality of its services.


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In 2003, Elke Berr, as a designer, launches her own finest jewellery lines as well as custom creations. This expertise is born of the meeting of two professions: gemmology and jewellery design.
She favors working with rare and unusually cut gems. To those selected she applies her creative gift - to evoke a world of magic, emotion and elegance.


Elke Berr’s expertise is recognized all over the world. Not only do lovers of gemstones recognize her talent and instinctive gift to unearth stones of rare beauty, but she has also won wide acclaim from the international press.



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Caviar Ultreïa is a new french brand with an already strong identity thanks to modern marketing and an absolute requirement.

It was borned last december in Courchevel. The vision is pushed by an our pursuit for the finest grain, only inspired by passion,

drives by an unquestionable devotion to ultimate quality. More than caviar, Ultreïa is a lifestyle product.

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The first Polo Club in central Switzerland

PoshBerry is an exclusive service that provides you the best business and luxury travel at impressive discounts for long haul and intercontinental flights.

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