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About me

I created GK Luxury Consulting in order to provide a new perspective on Vip Experiences.


As a former banker, I have for many years offered personalized financial services to high end clients.


This naturally led me into the world of luxury services where i can fully employ my talents and provide an excellent service to my clients.


My work is based on excellence and I constantly look for value added benefits by going extra mile and creating bespoke solutions along with personalized services executed in a confidential and transparent climate.


Thanks to a network of professional experts carefully selected by myself, I provide a full range of high end services focused on :


Luxury Real Estate   -  Vip Experiences - Business Consulting


Luxury Real Estate

Dedicated and personalised support  on both selling and acquisition  properties  

             Villas - Apartments - Mansions -  Castles - Chalets - Vineyards - Building - Luxury Hotels ...



Vip Experiences

       - Sporting Events : F1 Monaco GP - Le Mans 24 Hours - Polo Queen's Cup - Jumping competition - Golf...

       - Leisure Events : Classic Car Tours - Tailored circuits - Wine tourism - Vip Skiing...

       - Fashion : Private Fashion Show 

       - Luxury Transportation : Prestigious cars hire - Supercars - Yacht - Private Jet

       - Lifestyle : Concierge Services

       - Private Medical Concierge 24/24 7/7



Business Consulting 

- Luxury Assets : Diamonds, Gemstones,  Artworks collection, Vintage cars collection, Thoroughbred pedigrees...

- Business Consulting : Fundraising research, partnership initiation, banking introduction, advices...




                           " Because each client is unique, my services are tailored and i ensure complete 

                                                   confidentially when dealing with my clients."



                              Gilles Kuhn













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