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Charity Events
Vip and Charity party
Soirée Vip Caritative Monaco






More and more at the core of your daily life, Social Responsibility is becoming a strong source of inspiration for everyone of us.


This is why, GK Luxury Consulting is also involded in this process by overthrowing 5% of its revenues to charity.



Our Charity Association partners :                                                    






GK Luxury Consulting also proposes you to participate in Charity Events.

Altruistic and original Events to forget our selfish pursuits in favor of the concern for others to help to appease tension and stress and put objectives on the back burner to encourage mutual assistance, exchanges and solidarity.


We are pround to offer you  some prestigious charitable causes with both financial aid and increased global awareness focusing

on Health, Education, the Environment, the Ederly, Fight against Hunger, Animal Welfare and Children's Wellbeing.




In the course of its 25-year history, amfAR has invested more than $366 million in its programs, spawning numerous significant advances in HIV prevention, treatment and care. These accomplishments have helped extend, improve, and save the lives of countless people around the world living with HIV/AIDS or vulnerable to HIV infection.                




The Monaco Red Cross began organising fund-raising events as soon as it was founded in 1948 by Prince Louis II of Monaco. The first Monaco Red Cross Ball was held that same year, with the young Prince Rainier III presiding.

A charity event par excellence

Through this fabulous ball, the Monaco Red Cross expresses its gratitude towards its generous donors and pays tribute to the work it has been able to carry out with the donations, which finance its actions both locally and internationally.         www.




The Global Party is the world’s largest event and is growing yearly in its philanthropic reach.

Launching in 2011 at The Natural History Museum and aboard The Orient Express, this inspirational event brings together the luxury industry and is proud to support of The Global Charity Trust and has to date raised over £2,000,000 NET directly for hundreds of charitable causes worldwide.




The Rose Ball was created by Princess Grace of Monaco in 1954. 

The Ball isn’t just a simple social event or another pretext to have a party. It is first and foremost an internationally recognised charity event with all proceeds and other exceptional prizes (sculptures, paintings etc.) going to the Princess Grace Foundation. This foundation’s vocation is to help people and children in need by developing humanitarian and philanthropic projects.




Luxury and Charity party on French Riviera
Soirée caritative de prestige Côte d'Azur
Luxury and Charity Events and Parties
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